What Can I Say !!!

It’s been a big week headed off to Newman 1,177.9 km from Perth which with all the machinery an Lv’s a two day drive. The funny thing is I’m the new guy to the crew an it’s pretty hard when there all been together for 10 Years or so but just another job an day done this a few times now in the last few years.

Now you pulled in to Newman and to book our rooms hotel looks pretty good then I was shocked when we walked across to our rooms for three weeks. Now I’ll give you a picture…there roughly 9Ft — 9Ft as you can see every thing is in there shower, toilet, fridge an cupboards are all in one I take two steps to the toilet an shower from the bed haha. Now I have to give it the owners in one way as they are caravans with three rooms one side an three the other side so 6 per one, there is a 120 an fully booked at $120 a night this is the cheapest accommodation in Newman per night.

Can I say Newman is not on my wish list at all, it’s so expensive but what can you say when the town is owned by BHP say no more. I got a call from the doc with my test results, i have arthritis back, hips, right knee and left shoulder haha but I found the problem with my right leg an why I have so many problems with walking just movement in its self, I have several nerves caught up in my spine disk which are being pinched and creating the issues with the right leg, I’ll be home in 3 weeks and straight on to it.

The crew I work with are ok but I’m on the outer as they party every night an so do the Traffic Controllers so I’m a bit on the outer in saying that I really don’t give a fuck, I can not see the point working long hours away from family an love ones to spend $100.00 a night on piss seriously who is the bright one but they enjoy it an are happy in doing so.

I got caught by the manger raiding the laundry getting fresh towels pillow slips and sheets he was not happy, o well as I said mate been here 8 days an I’m sick of use in the same towels an need to change my bed, he said they do it every 10 days I said don’t care a fuck I like clean sheets an towels every few days I can handle 5 days but I bet you change everything at home every few days he just walked off, it’s going to be a long shift…Now just to finish off Newman last Wednesday night got food poisoning sick all day Thursday it’s been raining today an forecast for tomorrow so that’s 3 days lost…which means no work no pay, I’ve been living on soup as the food is crap that’s coming from someone that loves food hahah.

Can I say I’m looking forward to leaving here in two weeks plus an going home, But keep serving the crap they call food I’m going to loose some weight in which I definitely need to as a hamburger just your average is $16.00 a pizza is $20 to $30 dollars haha I love soup..


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