Life Moves Quickly=Changes In Life…

Let’s start with last Friday finished all the test for the 62 year old body Lol Mmm but life goes on i haven’t got the results as of yet, i’m going in tomorrow my philosophy is if it was a major problem the doc would ring me.. that’s my philosophy !

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once and a while, you could miss it.

On the Saturday we took the grandson down to the new BMX track to spend a few hours on his new bike we got down there and it was pretty crowded which was all good. My daughter decided to go to the shops, and with that dad do you mind staying with Kado Mmm Ok i knew it was coming but haven’t a problem with it at all.

Now as i sit watching the boy i heard this voice that you think i know that person, then all of sudden these arms wrap around me and it was a good mate that i had not seen in over 13 years, so you could imagine we were like to women in a hair salon just chatted away a 100 miles an hour Lol. Now the funny thing is my mate is Terry Meyn which would mean nothing to any body at all but his son is Todd Meyn who rides for Nitro Circus and rated second in the world’s best with BMX riding, with that i have grown up with Terry we have been mates for 50 years and watched Todd grow up and take off into the world of BMX sponsored by Nike at 16 and never looked back, a great career and still going with Nitro Circus.

As Terry and i were catching up and watching 50 kids and i must say adults as well riding on the track, Todd comes over to say hello to dad he’s in Perth for a while to catch up with family, we got chatting realised who i was and asked why are you here, pointed out my grandson and bang he was there riding with Kado and the othere’s, as you could imagine the kids were in ore as they all know there BMX stars of the world, It was brilliant as i watched Kado interact with a super star of the world in sports, i could not but notice how humble and great Todd was with all the kids and the commotion around him, if you met him on the street and didn’t know who he was you would walk away thinking what a really nice guy and so genuine with life.

Monday comes quick as it does, had my first days work in over two weeks because of the weather, in my job if it rains you can’t produce new roads, so the moral of the story is no work no pay, pretty simple rules of life. So as luck has it the weather is in all week and no work, so like a good man does at 62 start to hit the panic button a bit, because next week is the same forecast, i applied for a few positions and with in the hour i’m off to Newman Sunday with another company doing roads it acutely happened and cracks me up how quick things can change in life.

Today as i’m getting my gear ready for Newman, have had 2 calls and looks like i’m going back up North been offered pretty good positions with good incentives to make that move. Now the moral of this as i sit and think how life can change so quick and be really good for you some times not all dark and gloom, and i also think i have done the right things in the last few years, as the company i just left supported the move and have offered my position back when we get home and two have offered me good positions and both said were happy to look at it very seriously when i get back to Perth.

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