Striving For Better Health.

Tai Chi can be done any where of your comfort zone.

I wrote the other day that i have Arthritis in both hips, right knee, right ankle, lower back and the middle of the back, now were this is not life threatening it does and has caused some pain and difficulties in movement. Tai Chi can be a little daunting, as it’s not aerobics or the treadmill of exercising, but slow, graceful exercise of movement with the body. It can help with improving balance, reduce stress and in recent studies offer Arthritis pain relief. How did i come across this it was through the nurse doing the test on me, she explained what to look at and how to manage Arthritis through doing a slow art sort of movement and explained how Tai Chi can help a lot through doing at least 30 minutes a day, or more if id like to.

Good for mental health.

Mmmm the other way of helping is the body weight i knew that was coming Lol…so i have been put on to a Dietician to help manage and work out a good balanced life style with the food consumption that i eat. Now what this means that i don’t completely change or rearrange my eating habits i watch what i eat to keep the Inflammation to a minim a round my bone structure hips etc etc so with this my first appointment is with the dietician on Tuesday, the changes of life are in front of me again i can not recall how many times i’ve done this lol.

It’s Not A Short Term Diet. It’s A Long Term Lifestyle Change.

To Eat Is A Necessity, But To Eat Intelligently Is An Art.


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