Just A Quick One…

Big week off test

It started Monday.. Off to Midland Hospital early morning for my Nuclear medicine radiation scan, had a few photos taken as they call it, got the injection of medicine went back 4 hours later, full radiation scan it took around fifty minutes for the procedure.

Thursday morning the phone rings and it’s the Doc..Paul can you come in now please have your results of the test’s … He explained i have Arthritis in the left and right hip, right knee, right ankle, left shoulder, lower back, middle of the back and a sis in the kidney, as he showed me it has formed a fair bit on my bone structure.. Before i knew it i was off for a CT scan and a Ultrasound to see the state and were the extent of were the Arthritis was, the growth rate and looking for other little things that occur in this body of mine Lol.

When in and got my results

After an hour i thought it was all over when the Orthopaedic Doc said he felt that he would like me to make a booking for a Endoscopic ultrasound he would like to look a bit more around the hips back and the kidney and to look around the organs of my body. So at the moment i’m on some pain relief and going to the physio, i’m also looking at Tai Chi for Arthritis which will gently moves all my joints, muscles and tendons through out my body lol never too old to learn… i’ve all so been booked into a Dietitian specialist starting Tuesday, so if any thing ill get on top of this slowly but surely going to learn in getting the body at a good level again.


CT machine..
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