On A Mission..

There is a saying you take the good and the bad with different things in Life, I’d had just recently scored a well payed position up North but all so picked a little mate to the facial features, a Mole.

Through my daughter and son going me all the time over it I went in an had removed Wednesday afternoonI can honestly say that hurt being removed more so than 13 Teeth in one hit and that was pain maybe I’m into pain, an now I sound like a bottle of marbles as I walk through with the amount of pain killers I have taken, it’s funny I was in so much pain with sneezing or trying to wipe my nose..don’t know how I sleep as I woke up a lot of times with sharp pains as I must’ve punched my self through out the night Lol.

Mission No 2

If you are looking at this photo you would notice an extra on the right side of my pelvic area. The last MIR scan I had was 6 months ago through this the specialist is sending me for a radiation full body scan, we’re they give me an injection of fluid which is called a Nuclear Medicine… Waite for six hours and then the radiation of the full body scan is done.

Now at the moment i’m struggling with the walking not to good a bit slow and very cautious in steps, i’m very lucky im in the roller as the boss is turning a blind eye to it. As the surgeon explained if the Tumor has a stalk, the structure is called pedunculated, if the tumor outgrowth is attached to the bone with a broader base it is called a Sessile that’s what i have, very rare that it grows in the pelvic area more so around the rib cage, legs and shoulders so i have the rare one Lol.. it all so has four stages mine is in between Moderate & Severe. But all Good.

You can’t calm the storm so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself, the storm will Pass.

It’s a funny thing in life as you get older we are like cars we need our bodies to have a tune up with different things , which could be the knees, hands, heart, or many other parts of the body, it all depends on how hard we go through life as in work, sports, if we have had an accident that can create a trauma in some way, so for me it’s tuning the body and mind and looking after myself a bit better than i have done in the last few years, it’s this thing us men have it will be all good and then bang we then need to do something about it…

So now i’m waiting for my results on Tuesday to see if we have it all out and if it’s negative or positive for the big C Mmmm it’s one letter that can make think in life, but i’m very positive that all is good and move on to stage two of the Tune Up. Lol.


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