Over The Top…

My daughter rang me last night feeling down, I know my kids an asked is every thing ok. She explained that they received a letter from the school yesterday an wasn’t happy.

The school had informed all parents that the children were not allowed to say any more.. Mum or Dad or Parent’s has to be said as Guardian’s an the parents are not allowed to say good morning Boys an Girls has to be good morning children.

And to top things off they are now banning the animation of Sleeping Beauty because of the kiss with the princess by the prince it’s to passionately done for kids to see.

You have to ask the question we’re the fuck are we going with this over the top diplomatically bull shit we are putting in front of our kids off the future. I’m 62 and too this day I still call my parents Mum an Dad it shows them respect and I’m happy they are my mum an dad.

I really feel sorry for our children of today, we have lost the Christmas Spirit as now it’s called the festival season, nursery rimes that have been around for years have gone, they don’t learn about the history of Australia we learn about the history of America who gives a fuck about America, yes learn about the history of the world and the country’s as they are an amazing places to learn about, but Australia is a huge country with an ore of history to know an learn about.

So now we don’t have Mums an dads we have guardians an no more boys an girls we have children, so I wonder what the Minster of the Education Department can think up to take more from our kids to confuse them an loose any other small enjoyment they have left in their lives as kids.



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