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Attitude Is A Little Thing That Makes A Big Difference.

Attitude a Favourable or Unfavourable reaction towards something or someone,it’s one’s beliefs,feelings or intend behaviour, towards a particular object, person, thing or event. Attitudes are often the result of experience or upbringing, and they can be a very powerful influence over behaviour.

I look at an Attitude as an important part of life and that’s the way we carry it as a person or a group. Do I look at myself as perfect in regards to my attitude, no I don’t as sometimes I could be a bit on the wrong side of it,but I do try to have a good attitude towards most things in life.

Can a person change with the way they present themselves with their attitude…I believe you can its like any thing in life you need to work on it…Attitudes are a positive or negative feelings towards something, as job satisfaction or the way they work with people, it can make it very hard if you work with someone with a bad attitude can make the job very negative…

Your attitude belongs to you. And it’s your choice if want. To have a good one.

Over the years I have met all sorts of life and culture through work, sports and just going out to different venues, and for what ever reason it can make me have an opinion of my work, coaching and just socialising which could lift me up or bring me down being involved with people on a great or bad attitude.

I have found over the years it’s a subject that has changed in many ways I’m not saying for the better or worse but I do believe that it’s a thing that should be looked at in everyone’s life, because it can make or break you with your presentation towards life… life is not a long time but it should be enjoyed the way you create it with your schooling, work, friends and the most important family with having a good attitude, I understand life can be hard with its ups an downs as I’ve experienced many of them what I try to do if I’m haven a bad day try not to take it to work or spread it throughout my family and friends as it’s not there problem, it’s a hard one to walk out the door and keep a good attitude every day but if you can walk out your door knowing it’s your personal attitude that can make or break your day.

The only difference between a good day. And a bad day Is your Attitude.


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