Challenges Are In Front…

This week is a challenge in a funny way…We had a massive storm through different parts of Western Australia some missed it and some got half of it but parts of the wheat belt got smashed, an yes we are working in one of those areas.

We are staying in one of the caravan parks with bungalows, we have no power no water, so that means no showers, an no little comfort, we are into our second day and have been told that it won’t change until Friday the earliest Lol 😝 maybe it looks more around the Monday.

Now I all ways thought I was a bit of a hard one with different things in life Mmm I’m pretty wrong with that one, let’s see…no coffee, no shower, no fridge, no laundry, and a very cold room…no one is bitching aloud not yet any way but as the days go on I reckon by the weekend it should start to warm up Lol.

So as I write this post it makes me wonder how they did in the early days and how spoilt and depended on the little things of life we are as humans , I reckon I’ll be like a bear with a sore head by tomorrow not that I’m a massive coffee drinker but do like one a day and shower Mmm to me that’s something I really look forward to every evening after work,can’t even have a cold one as no water, I will say we seem to have water for the toilets which is good or out comes the shovel, gum leaves an a bit of a walk into the scrub.

I know harden up but as ya get older you enjoy the small simple things off life…Well I do Lol 😝


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