To me it’s important…

No matter who you are, No matter what you did, No matter where you come from, You can always change, Become a better person of Yourself.”

To me in life that is so important to be a better person to be honest in yourself…can you see that you can make changes to go that one step further in life. Can we as humans make Adjustments to ourselves to improve, some would call it remodeling, or slight modifications, that could be your Attitude, your Character, Personality, Shape, Style and Career…for whatever it is we can all make changes, you will never be perfect as we do and say things that are different to others but create where you as a person feels better in their inner self.

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.

That’s the Key like i said if you are honest to yourself and can see that you can fine tune the person you see in the mirror make the changes even if they are slight. The great thing is we don’t have to broadcast the changes for the good or bad people will notice the changes in you, the improvement and will comment for the better. Take it into thought they will notice the changes if they don’t like it as well so always remember your out to make an improvement not a Fuck Up.

True life is lived When tiny changes Occur.

William Shakespeare Quoted

The meaning of life Is to find your gift. The Purpose Of Life Is To Give It Away.

So what do we give away, to me yourself but the person you enjoy seeing in the mirror and being that person, you know and get the Perception and vibes from people around you that creates the ability to see, hear, and like what they have in front of them.

As i said we will never be perfect and to be honest i believe out of every 5 people you meet… 1 will love you, 2 will really like you, 1 will see you as ok and of course 1 will not like you, but if you were to weigh up life seriously there is always someone that does not like you doesn’t matter what you do or say, ( we can never please everyone ). Now i even weigh up my love life a lot the one that does not prevail at all, i ask the question so many times is it me… it’s a good question but ( Unquestionably ) i haven’t the right answer for it Lol that is pretty fucking easy to work out after 20 years, but i keep asking and trying to see where i can improve… but undeniably i have not found the Answer to this yet have i… there is a saying… one step at a time…Mmm, i’m that really nice guy i like that better than being a Wanker…

If your searching for that One person that will Change your life, Take a look in the Mirror.

They say if you want the truth in what you see take a good look in the Mirror it never lies, it doesn’t hurt to every now and then just stand in front of the mirror look at what stands in front of you with complete quietness, ask the question do you like what you see and be honest with yourself and remember it’s not just the vision it’s what is inside you as well… the second you ask yourself is there room for some improvement or refinement, but be honest are you Happy with what is in front of you, if not work on it with small adjustments take your time as Rome was not built in a day…Even at 62 you should always look at where you can improve to be a better, Dad, Pop, Person or lover Mmmm there i go again off track lol… but to me it’s important in being the best person i can be for me not everyone else but for Me.


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