Age & sex 3… Confusion said’s.. I’m Confused

You wonder where things are going in life and sometimes how it will this will pan out, one of my big things is my loneliness for me that’s a big one.. but confusion comes with it very much so is it the age or the thought of sex… for me it’s the confusion of women and the way it seems in today’s society.

Id say in so many ways i am meeting ladies and quiet a few not that i’m a stud but seem to do so… with this i just met a beautiful lady very well educated and very caring… so why is this a problem, is it because she is African…No far from it i’m not racist…I have been chatting with Rose for over two weeks and really got to know her and we met up several times since i have been home… Rose is very active sexually which is not a problem… but she wants a serious relationship and a good father to help with the three kids… again not a problem… what it is she is one year older than my daughter 31… and she is really happy with that.

I have met these ladies in the last two years and in some way had a relationship, Two are from Singapore, one from Queensland, three from Perth So what is my problem you would ask. I don’t know and this where i ask myself so many times to the stage i get depressed from it… I have very strong morals in so many ways, and one off them is the age difference as i’m 62 and 35 to 23 years older than these ladies, they want a very serious relationship which i understand, but i don’t because — what is it i ask…would i be able to offer them as they have kids or want kids at my age i don’t want any more does it make me one way and my way, i believe i’m thinking off them in so many ways not being a prick but being honest and in some way looking after them and thinking for them, i would quite comfortably be a part of their family but not willing to start a new one.. let’s face it who want’s a dad who is seventy years old and your ten.

Just in the last few weeks i have met Rose now she is very loving very caring, very understanding, wants to be a part of you in so many ways, but wants a husband a man that can look after her and the three kids…i have explained to her that i’m not that man not because of her nationality or colour of her skin but she needs someone that can grow with her and the kids… Now the part that gets me they contact me first and want to get to know me, i go out with them if they live in Perth and we get to know each other and then as we chat it comes out what they are looking for in a man.

Now the hard part for me is i have tried to date women from the age of 45 to 60 years old they don’t want any part of me but the younger women are looking for a man at 50 to 65 does not make sense at all, i find it very difficult to understand it, all so for me i need to work in an industry where i’m going away as i need to set up my life and that’s excepted and they haven’t a problem if i come home once every three weeks as long as i was a part of there life,i don’t know if that’s the correct way to build a good and strong relationship.

Id say through this i’m learning so many things about women and the younger generation and what they want, the girls say to me that the attraction with me is my looks Lol ( i hide there glasses ) Lol…my attitude, Personality, the way i look at life, i listen and treat them with respect, they say the younger guys or the same age don’t treat them with respect and not interested in long term relationship. I don’t know but for me i’ve always treated ladies with respect even the girls i have as friends with benefits if i pay for it or we just do it and all that is just a sexual relationship,one lady i see every time i come home we lay on the bed for ages and chat go out for coffee, dinner she is 33 but tells me she loves her job does not want a relationship at all i except what she does for a living haven’t a problem more so because she is such a beautiful lady, Bella rings or texts me when i’m away all ways ask if i’m good and chats to me for ages, and she is one beautiful attractive lady that loves my company and being with me when we are together but that’s as far as it will go and can i say l love being with her but i know it wont go any further but i love the ride and i know it won’t last forever.

Do i feel i’m asking for to much or am i looking to hard, or should except the age difference and be happy with that… i don’t know i certainly have no conversation whats so ever with my kids on this subject… all my mates are married and haven’t got time to listen to my problem in which in their eyes it’s a great problem to have, Matty listens and gives me some good advise,so i talk to my shrink about it and she feels i’m doing the right thing and all so on the other side go with the flow and give it a go, as it could work out very good and age is not a problem, my parents think it’s not good and get a lady of your own age, i would if i could Lol, so i going out tomorrow to catch up with Rose and explain why i’m not the man that she needs, and Monday i’m meeting up with Olivia she is 35 no kids but she just wants to be friends with benefits and she made that quiet clear which is all good…do i go with the flow or be the nice guy Mmm i like both but being the nice guy is good to.


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      • When you say it’s all good, do you mean you like it? Or do you mean you accept that’s how it feels it will always be?

      • thats what i excepted i’ve been on my own for 20 years plus and it seems that it’s a huge part of my life and will be so yes i’ve accepted it as i’m on my own and it is my life ill be a loner for a long time

      • I have a friend who can lead you out of that darkness. I was there and He helped me find my way. His name is Christ Jesus, a friend to the lonely and broken in spirit. Do you have a bible?

      • Yes i do i forgot that i had and got it out as soon as i read your message… let me know were i should go into the bible to help me out
        and thank you for your support

      • I suggest that you read the gospel of John first, Paul. It’s in the New Testament about the middle of the bible. Start at the beginning and read straight through to the end. Read kinda slow so you soak it in. As you read ask God to help you understand His meaning. Prayer is simply talking to God. Let me know how you are doing. You can ask me some questions too.
        You can go over to my home-page if you like I have some resources listed at the top of the homepage in little boxes you can click on.
        God bless you Paul. Nice meeting you.

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