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Well it was an interesting first trip by all means, we spend a lot time on the road, travelling Town to Town but all so as you can see we get well looked after when it comes to the accommodation, service and meals. The crew are really good to work with, we are called the fossils as we all average from 50 to 65 Haha interesting in a lot off ways.

A Man Travels The World Over In Search Of What He Needs, And And The He Returns Home To Find It.

It’s funny in some ways i miss the North side of life but enjoying the new side of my job… i got home Thursday with to see i have an email with an offer to go back North at the end of May, we will see, with this job we do 60 hours a week the money is really good up North we do 82 hours a week and the money is good, but if i can live comfortable and enjoy what i’m doing for 22 hours lees a week it’s worth thinking about, at the end of the day when i weigh everything up i’m just so grateful i have a job and earning an income that’s the most important issue for me at the moment.

Home Is A Place You Grow Up Wanting To Leave, And Grow Old Wanting To Get Back To.

As Men or even humans are we ever satisfied, for what we have and what we have in front of us, with me it’s the thought and believe that i can keep improving in life or can i better myself even at the age of 62, id say it’s not that im dissatisfied at all it’s more the just the thought of wondering if i can improve my life in some ways, a little bit at a time, but all so i know i’m lucky to be we’re i’m positioned at the moment with life.. just need love Lol their i go again of track, Mmmm can’t rush these things, i am glad to be home with the family.. back to work Wednesday… all good at 62..

Improving Your Life Doesn’t Have To Be About Changing Everything – It’s About Making Changes That Count.


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