Sunday Coffee…

Today is Not Just Another Day It’s A New Opportunity.

That’s how i look at it and with good anticipation and why not as i start a new position tomorrow, can i say i’m looking forward to it i can and why not… i believe that every time you do something different and new to your life look at it in a good way and do the best you can with it and enjoy what your doing..

Today Is The Tomorrow You Talked About Yesterday.

If i had one really of any disappointment it was certainly yesterday it was the attitude of the Manager of the Traffic Management position i left yesterday… now i did the right thing as i was employed as a casual the way it’s done when leaving the position you only have to give eight hours notice, now being the guy i am i have a bit of a conscious so i went into the office on Friday and no one there which is fair enough, i tried to ring her several times no answer, i text her to ask if i can ring her, i finally got hold of her yesterday and said that i need to leave as from today before i could say anything else she just hung up on me and that’s the last i heard of her, now if she wondered why i left the position there is your fucking answer, seriously i was shown no respect and how professional the company is not.. Lol.. your loss my gain, thanks for nothing but i’m happy that i made the right decision.

Some People Say, Another Day, Another Dollar

I Say Another Day Another Chance In Life.

I like the idea of changes in life and that could mean anything, from appearance, new position, new meaning, new love Hahaha sorry got carried away Lol….i like to look at for every change and that can be good or bad can mean a new learning experience to life, i all so believe with every change look at it as a new learning part of life it’s important to do so and it can be the smallest thing that you take away with you but it is there in front of you to learn…for me again i had to make a Choice as i was not happy we’re i was with this it’s the Chance to make a better change for me in life.

You Are Never Too OLD To Set Another Goal Or To Dream A New Dream.

That’s so true all ways believe in yourself and that for every corner you turn there is another opportunity in life.


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