New Adventure Just Ahead…

Well what can I say today is the last of one tomorrow is the start of a new one, yes another new position commence tomorrow.

I finish today on traffic management which is good as it’s a job until you get a job if you know what I mean, I start as a roller operator on Monday with a company called Downer massive organisation as of that but seem to be pretty good with there structure and welcomed me in to the company pretty good.

The good things is with this position I do a lot of country work in the wheatbelt areas and coastal towns, first job is in Northam just an hour or so from home which means we come home on weekends I like that idea, leave again on the Monday… that’s the program for a few weeks an then into the next one.

The good things is this position can be ongoing if I do the Wright thing, as for leaving this position it was ok payed a few bills an gave me the inspiration to move on and find a better position in the work force.

I believe even at this age keep working towards your goals an what can be better for you in the long run don’t be satisfied in what your doing knowing you can improve yourself by working for it.

Again I’ve made the Choice taking the Chance for a better Change in life


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