with life comes the feeling of which way do i go.

All my bills say, Outstanding. I guess i am good to go.

Do you ever feel there’s no way i was born to just pay bills and die, but that’s how you feel some times well most of our life that’s we all seem to do is go to work and pay bills that never seem to stop coming in, every month on the month, there like clock work and don’t seem to forget you at all.

Now there was a time that i didn’t have car insurance, house contents, health insurance with the car payments, bank payments added to the rent, and the house bills that come with it, not because i didn’t want to but i could never afford it, as i wasn’t earning the money to do so, i was just living and looking after the kids with paying the bills i should i say robbing Peter to pay the poor and that has been a massive part of my life.

Experience is a good teacher But she sends in terrific bills.

Then i got a job that i could pay the insurances and the bills comfortably which was a good feeling to know that you covered with what to this day are so important to do so and made a part that you have to cover we have no choice but to do so and it gets worse and more bills seem to be added every year as i get older.

With this comes the ups and downs and i know it does, as i said i seem to be able to pay my bills and the extras that come with it the insurances that are needed to cover yourself in life. Now i seem to discover that through the work i’m receiving and the hours i’m not fucking get i have to look at cutting out a few bills which is getting to me as you need health insurance if you haven’t got it you pay extra with your tax to cover your Medicard that i might use once a year again getting fucked with the regulations of must do and my car insurance which is cheaper than hitting a Porsh.

So it’s back to the drawing board and again and try to work what i need to do and which way to go, again i keep going for the interviews that never seem to go anywhere with all wind and promises and full of shit we are looking for staff desperately as they say, i know it’s the age thing has something to do with it they cant say it but i’m pretty sure that’s it. So i keep going and keep putting in for jobs and see how far this goes but sooner or later i’m going to have make a decision because i know the whole is getting bigger and bigger.

I pay my own bills. I feel my own pain.



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