Am I Good Or What.. Lol

Over the last week I have been cooking some great meals through Hello Fresh.. They do take a lot of prep in an can be very fiddle but if you follow the recipe an instructions they work out to be an outstanding meal.

Do you know the saying that good things come to those that wait we’ll that’s how I see it when you cook these meals , time and patience worth every bit of it.

The great thing for me I’m learning all the time, and I use to think that I was a pretty good cook you know what thought thinks hahaha but now that i can say I’ve gone to another level, I can’t Waite till I cook for the lady of my dreams.

The great part of all of this im certainly feeling healthier an loosing a bit of weight each month as the portions are smaller than what I was eating before which is good as I need too but all good thank you Hello Fresh.


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