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Life Is Not Just About Love And Sex, But Love And Sex Makes Life A Lot More Fun.

I might have mentioned in the last blog i’m 62 and pretty open reasonably fit and still like the idea of sex and trying different things or being adventurous. To go back a bit or a few years as i mentioned id just got back from a country town and settled in back at the city got myself and the kids organised, so with that i went out with a mate for the night, now if any one knows me really well i have become a bit of a girl when it comes to going out as i don’t do it much but all good.

My mate rang me a few times come on Mags come out and have a good night, after a few calls i gave in and said all right looking forward to having a night out it will be good to catch up.. As we were driving to the destination my mate reminded me we were going to a party 80 dollars cover’s all food and alcohol for the night, which was ok you spend that much on a hotel night anyway. We pulled up at this mansion of a house as we walked in music was clearly going with the feel of a good vibe as we walked in and greeted by the lady of the house with a huge smile and her hand out welcoming us to her house, i walked into this stunning entrance with a few people haven a chat in this massive lounge room.

I Don’t Have A Dirty Mind I Have A Sexy Imagination.

We had been there a while as i was settling in i noticed few more people come in and i noticed they seem to know each other, we were taking in to the dining room and here is this massive table set up with so much food everything and anything the food alone covered the 80 dollars with my favourite drink on hand JD, it was a funny thing i noticed there was around 20 odd people with a few more females than males and some very stunning women in view but also i noticed the average age with everyone was 30 to 50 so i didn’t feel out of place and i noticed my mate was haven a good time chatting to a couple of women at the table he looked very comfortable.

After we had eaton and the plates were cleaned up the lady of the house called us into the lounge room, we all stood in a circle with a bit of chatting and laughter, i noticed a bowl on the table with everyone’s names on a piece of paper, the host of the house welcomed everyone and finished with welcoming me to the party and enjoy your night. Now for me this is the first time that i have chatted to ladies letter known what was happening in front of me i looked over to my mate and with a smile he said if i told you i know you would not have come, he was correct as my heart was going 100 hundred miles an hour realising that i’m at a swingers party, it cracked me up my name was pulled out first with a lady by the name of Susan all ways remember her as she was a very attractive lady with a slender body, she grabbed my hand with a cheer following by every one their and guided me into a room with the comfort of it will be all good as she could see i was so nervous and shy Haha me shy but i was at this very moment believe me.

Id have to say it was certainly a great night one that i would have not experienced or have done if i was still happily married, now at the time i was 51 and done something that i would haven’t even thought about at all of being involved in… i have to say it was very clean and done very professional if you can say that, everyone was very friendly it was funny and hard being naked most of the night walking around and chatting in between rooms, as this was my first i hat to try a couple of more nights out with this crew, haven’t been to any since then but i will say it was an experience id never forget, and one it that was interesting and adventures in so many ways for me very much so, i know over the years in through out the city swingers clubs have doubled and are being involved with all walks and professionals of life, couples use them to spice up their sex lives, singles use them in ways of meeting the opposite sex, they have all different kinds of sex that comfort women and men of all ages…and one were i can say now it was very interesting and very different and i have tried it which was and now a part of an experience i will never forget good or bad.


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