Makes my day an life…

To say that this little girl melts me every time we bump into each other is far from the truth.

I’m pretty lucky growing up with Kado is something every pop would love he has a fantastic personality, sense of humour, an for his age see’s life at good angles which is good.

We as parents are really lucky when you have been at work all day which is bad enough and especially if you haven had a good one, and then to come home with these guys that just light up the house one with a smile that you can’t help but light up an the other with his witty sense of humour makes it just seem so worth every bit of being a live, I’m in ore of being a huge part of my kids an grandkids lives they seem to let me feel special in some small way an my troubles seem to disappear for that few minutes of entering the house.

It doesn’t matter how bad things seem there is always something that can turn it around for you, the simplest things we sometimes take for granted are sometimes the best part of your life.


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