age & sex.. 1

Some Of The Best Moments In life Are The Ones, You Can’t Tell Anyone About.

Well i’m a guy that is 62 years of age and pretty healthy in a way and have a pretty open mind with life and what goes on around it. I have experienced a lot of things in life good or bad, and willing to try different things id say i’m adventures in some ways.

My story starts with i’ve been divorced for over 20 years and single through those years haven’t been in a relationship since, sometimes i get down about been single for so long and being on my own for that long., but over the years i have accepted it as part of my life…so how does age and sex come into this blog… easy in some ways i have said i haven’t had a relationship but im pretty active with the sexuall side of life.

Poker Is Like Sex, If You Don’t Have A Good Partner You Better Have A Good Hand.

So i’m 62 and it’s funny with that because when id say in my forties i all ways wondered if my little mate was going to be in working order when i got around this age. To my surprise he better now than a few years ago Lol… well if i was to weigh it up he is as good as he was when i was younger, but i find i think of sex more and i seem to feel that he rises a lot more than he use too, which is good in some ways, i have been asked the question from ladies of around 30 to 60 in age does your penis still work, i can say with a big smile and confidence very much so lol.

I lived in a country town for around 10 years but that was going through the divorce and bringing up the kids so id say sex wasn’t really on my mind i was a pretty angry person in some ways as i couldn’t understand what was going on and how life changed so quickly… but yes i’d certainly would look and think Mmm but that’s as far as it went. Id say things changed when we come back to the city and a couple of mates that were single and very much so explored different things with life and sex.

No One’s A Virgin, Life Screws Us All.

I was 50 when i come back to the city got the kids and myself set up with a house into school for one an apprenticeship for the other with a job for me, once everything was in place i thought it must be the time were i’ll go out as i haven’t been out for so long, so i caught up with mate and he organised a night out one that i’ll never forget that’s for sure…

Life Is A Lot Like A Penis… Simple, Soft, Straight, Relaxed, And Hanging Freely… Then A Women Can Make It Hard.



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