It’s easy to say than do…

Love yourself for what you are. Instead of hating yourself for what you are not.

I would like to start this blog with a thank you to lady that i have not met in life but one that i would like to do so just to have a coffee with and talk about life, she writes majestic poetry or just words that can mean so much in life to any walk of life and thats.. Anjali… I thank you so much for such beautiful and kind words that have such a warmth of feeling to them, in knowing they come from your heart the way you write is majestic and i thank you for that.

To Self Love It doesn’t mean that everyone will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. It means that you won’t let them change the way you see yourself ; nor will you be around for them to destroy you.

I mean what i write but all so i’m going through and up & down part of my life in feelings and the way i think at the moment… ( i read a blog today.. Be Kind To Yourself.. ) don’t get me wrong it was as usual a very good piece of reading, but in doing so i sat back and thought of me yes ! me again.. sometimes i get so fucking bored of thinking of me but i do so as it’s only me in my life… i have my adult kids but there are only so many things you talk to them about as you are looked at as the person that has a lot of answers in life.

There is a line spending time observing your thoughts… i do that and yes i have judgemental & negative, thoughts on me… now how do you love yourself ? a good question i look in the mirror and see a fat old guy that can’t be too good if he has been single for twenty years lol…but any way i look at myself as a good person i dont hurt any one or mean to, i dont steel or bash people, i find i’m very friendly to others even if they are wankers…but i find it hard when you constantly get fucked around with work positions as i’m experiencing now what i find it makes it very hard as your not sure we’re you are going in what direction and i’m finding the company that i’m working for now aren’t giving me hours o well their loss when i go.

I do try to be very positive with my thoughts and have got them i see things as i’m a great dad, great grandad, loyal friend…i do have a good heart and do have a great attitude towards people of all culture and i believe my personality is at a good level with all ages and cultures… so do i love myself i don’t think so i do believe i have good qualities to offer with knowing i can keep improving id say when i do get to love me for who i am that could be the key to a new life.

Nobody can make you happy until your happy with yourself first.



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