Food Glorious food..

Great Food Is Like Great sex. The More You Have The More You Want.

Mmmm One Out Of Two Is Ok.

Great Food And Great Company Are The Two Life’s Simplest Yet Great Pleasures.

The Belly Rules The Mind.

One thing in life that has been a massive part of my life Haha Lol FOOD… Mmmm my mother is Italian now we all know that the Italians are known for the love of food Mmm that’s why i love food Lol.. I remember as a kid were mum and dad were struggling with house payments to the point we’re both of them are working two jobs each, but with mums credit we never went without food even if it was pasta all week she had an art of cooking it you didn’t mind eating all week, One thing with mum she taught all of her kids to cook my two sisters, brother and myself learnt to cook with mum.

The major thing i’ve learnt in life i can cook on a tight budget very tight budget and normal living of life, love cooking trying to cook different things at all time, HelloFresh has given me another experience in cooking so many different meals and learning to cook that just bit better, ill impress a lady one day and if any thing my confidence in cooking is the key to love. lol..

To Eat Is A Necessity, But To Eat Intelligently Is Is An Art.

Id say my biggest enemy in life and has been since i gave up full on sports, and i say that as my weight goes up & down as you get older it seems to go up, up & up Lol…so im all ways looking at ways we’re i can lose some weight and maintain it at a certain weight… easier said than done lol, i have to have a giggle as it’s something i have worked on all my life, well the last twenty years more than anything. I love cooking so with that comes eating , id say my biggest problem is not what i eat its the proportion that goes on my plate, so for it to work i cut the proportion and eat healthy food, i know that good salads, and good veggies are the very key to a good health with dib and dab of extras adding to the combination of good food.

One Very Important Thing In Life You Don’t Need A Silver Fork To Eat Good Food.



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