Monday monday..

For us today in Western Australia it is a public holiday and a cold and wet one at that so just spent a day inside with the kids and grandkids a very quiet one at that but all good at that.

They Say Time Changes Things, But You Have to Actually Change Them Yourself.

Thats the one thing i’ve learn’t in life for things to change because i’m not happy we’re i am or what i’m doing, i need to make the changes can’t sit around wondering or bitching about the job i’m doing, one thing we need to do is make the changes don’t sit there saying how much you don’t want to be here or there, i have understood it only changes when i make it happen with most things in life.

A very good friend of mine all saids, You will never change your life Paul until you change something you do daily. the secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

How many of us get caught up in the same routine day in day out, we all do it some love it, some don’t even realize that we are doing it, some just go with the flow because we feel that’s our routine. It’s so much easier to say than do, so what i did was sort of mapped out my needs and don’t need from the time i wake up and see what i can change up with the intention it’s going to be better for me in doing so, it takes a while to get use to and a while to change the routine but it can be for the better.

Sometimes Making A Big Life Change Is Scary. But I Know Whats Even Scarier.. Sometimes Regret If I Don’t.

Sometimes You Make The Right Decision, SomeTimes You Make The Decision Right.

I don’t know i feel that sometimes myself do i really know what goes on and with what i say, and then i feel i do because, not that im a smart arse and know everything No Far From It, mostly because i have experienced a lot of good, bad, massive changes, flops, terrible decisions made just through learning life for every thing it has to offer or i want… In making… Changes, Decision’s, Routines, Mistakes, Learning, Taking Chances, Making the right Choice, Going with the Changes, so i can be a better person and have the best life i can create for me my kids, grandkids family and friends.



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