what a week with changes in life..

It’s funny how quick a week can go and sometimes it is how the week pans out it can go faster if you are moving at a good pace or slow if it’s not happening.

I look at Sunday evening as a reminder that i can handle whatever this week throws at me, and it’s a bit like that sometimes…as for me most days im on call that’s when they need you they call you, if they don’t stiff shit no call no work. I really don’t like that work situation at all one week i get 60 hours work one week 42 and then 38, so each week is dropping in hours, thats when you get a call from your old company asking if your ready to go back up the Northwest for work the answer is yes.

So i’m going back on too… two weeks on one week off i like that idea and with this contract we are under the Rio Tinto banner which is good i think Lol. Now as most people of around the world there are two ways you can live ! well for the average person Mmmm when i do think about it there are three ways.

(1) You have a job we’re your earning money but all ways struggling with payments as just your normal house bills that come in not counting other living bills that come through every week, and through this we get in to the situation we’re we are robbing from one account to pay the other one ( in other words never getting ahead) been there quiet a few times in life. (2) Your financial situation is that your paying your accounts with a few dollars over but not enough to invest in too many things that you might need and wish you could have…been there most of my life how many times i pay things off or just know i can’t do it Mmmm but at the same time you get through it even if it’s a struggle. (3) Then you could be in a great job that pays all your accounts and money over each week to invest into the better things of life, but you still got to watch your investments and manage your money otherwise there is a thing called the trap of over spending, in saying that you are better off than most people in life..

Or for a lot of people around the world they have never occurred with the word hardship so would not know what’s it’s like to struggle day in day out or just live above means but thats the way it is in life and one we work with, you can try to get ahead through working on the improvement of life as i call it…i know it goes down lower on the scale as i had a chance to work with Father Matt on the streets with witnessing so many people of all ages living on the streets it showed me a part of life that i never want to be in or it opens up your mind you’r not too bad off in life even when you believe you are at your lowerst point in life.

I believe i’m lucky that again i’ve been offered the chance to be put back in a really good job this time i go up on the roller and the water cart which is good, but all so there is available lesson i have learned and one i’ve done most of my life any way just do what they ask at all times work hard and be prepared to learn at all times… pretty easy one to follow if you want to earn good money up in the Northwest… so im so glad i did the right thing with the company as they got hold of my son and i for this contract as they did state and promised middle of March this year…with the most important issue for me they have stuck with me for these days in age is a massive problem and it starts at the age of 40 years onwards you are looked at over the hill or commonly known as the scrap pile… As i’ve been told before Such Is Life.


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