Saturday Lazy Day Of Thoughts…

I just Wish i would realise that anything’s possible if id try, Dreams are made possible if i try.

It needs to be said and heard It’s ok to be who you are.

Mistakes are a fact of life. It’s the way we respond to the error that counts.

Life is not so much what we accomplish as what we overcome.

Some days are just bad days for me, thats all. I have to experience sadness to know happiness, and i remind my self that not every day is going to be a good day, that’s just the way it is.

As a man i can be happy. It takes a man with a real heart to make beauty out of the stuff that makes us weep with sadness.

I believe i’m one of two types of people in the world: there are those who prefer to be sad and unhappy among others i believe i’m one that prefer to be sad and unhappy on my own.

I feel to judge a man by his questions rather than his answers… Mmmm thats a good one for me as today i have a lot of questions but don’t seem to have the answers for them, it’s one of those days were i feel i’m being fucked again with different things that come into my life and yes with a lady.

I have to ask my self why do women think my name is Bank just does not make sense again i feel i have met a nice lady and sure enough as i read between the lines of an email it was coming, and sure enough it did, Bank i’m stuck can you help me out i need to grab some essentials as i have no money i lost my cards, so i disappear again, is it because i’m a wanker and don’t want to help, no it’s because i am sick of being asked for money, and especially when i haven’t even met them or just the once.

Times have changed haven’t people got any morals or any respect for them selves and how do they have the audacity even to ask, id say it is different if you are seeing each other regular or sleeping together permanently, Mmm but no today’s women don’t seem to have any morals i’m so bitterly disappointed in general as all i want to do is meet a lady that wants to be with me even if i haven’t got twenty cents between my butt cheeks.

So again i’m thinking and it’s not good because i’m starting to not trust and lose respect for women any more, as i have done the right thing so many times and lost so much money for doing for what i thought was the right thing to do.

So for me i don’t know, maybe im looking to hard or want to much or not enough but for what ever it is there is bound to be a lady some where out there that want’s me for me and for who i am, not because they feel i’m a soft cock and take me for a ride.. Im going to keep working on the same philosophy as i do with and tell the kids…

Be who you are, don’t be anyone else to make them like you.

At the end of the day i am what it is.

They will love you for what you are and who you are.

As the Saturday arvo closes my thought’s are no better as i’m still working on the answers but one thing for sure it’s going to be a while before i look in dating as this one hurt a bit i believed that she was the turning point of my life in some ways… o well you know what thought thought.


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