You Know You Are ( The Fat One. )

Now being the young age off 62 i have been different shapes and sizes when it comes to the body lol.. this all started when i gave up playing sports at 42 so for twenty years iv’e been in out in out Lol even the doctor called me obesity the cheek of him..

I have tried a few diets Jenny Craigs good but very time consuming, a chemist one it was ok .. the Keto i found good but going up north it went out the window really quick haha.. and just did the right thing. For the last week i have been eating some great meals so healthy and really fresh, my kids are on it very simple and very easy to cook.

It’s called Hello-Fresh everything is delivered to your door once a week all meat, chicken, fish, veggies and fruit in separate bags with recipes on meals to cook and yes are really good, if you like cooking it’s excellent, if you are rushing all the time it can help, what i like the idea of is don’t have to go shopping every day, for a couple small family or a single guy like me it’s excellent.

From what i have seen and what i have eaton Hello-fresh is an excellent option if you want to learn to cook or simply don’t have time to figure out meals for the week, and don’t want to eat out or take away meals, i believe it’s not an expensive option for me, but it is time saving and the meal options and quality are at a high standard, the hardest part is the prepping of each meal and then cooking, you have all meals organised with brilliant recipes MMM.. well we see how i go on this one and if i can lose weight in a good healthy way i’m happy with that.


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