2021 = Life Of The Future…

Give yourself a gift of five minutes of contemplation in awe of everything you see around you. Go outside and turn your attention to the many miracles around you. The five-minute-a-day regimen of appreciation and gratitude will help you to focus on life with appreciation.

How many of us walk outside or when we are driving look around and see what life is, with that sometimes we just stop and really appreciate all the good things in life.

As i see and look around it takes a lot of things around us to make life it’s not just the human side of life, as we know it’s the air we breath, it’s the insects, birds, animals, landscapes, rivers, oceans and much more that creates life around us… i all so believe it’s the Karma that we create around us that makes life for us.

Every next level of your life will demand a different you.

Where am i going with this, is how much it has changed in my 62 years of life.. not just how the city has grown and the suburbs go for miles in every directions of the city. What has changed so much is the way we live around society and what is created by the society, todays way the way the government control us with what we do and how we do it, more rules and regulations than never seen before, with an average house since 1960 has gone up over in some pricing of as much as 6000% .. but wages have only gone up were in 1960 $1 is equivalent to $10.80 with 2019.

But our future generation of today have changed in so many ways with fashion, music, there thought of life..the way they party and the attutide towards society with a small percentage that does not have any respect, work ethic has changed like if i’m there im there..

What have i seen and my thoughts on today’s way of living.. it’s a shame were we are going in life, there are so many regulations, rules, and more keep coming in quicker than you get your head around the last one.. with that iv’e seen so many changes in the way our lives are going religion has changed so much and i don’t think for the better in some ways, more senseless violence through the world, natural disastrous seem to be more frequent, government are dictating more of what and how we move around and guieding slowly our lives.

And now we have another world changer that has affected the world globe and every human that walks it.. Its something we were not ready for at all the Coronavirus has changed so many things the way we think, the way we move around, our way we plan ahead, but in some ways we have got closer as a society, but all so further apart as in there is no trust in your fellow neighbour..but what i felt the other day made me understand a little bit more with the younger generations and feel for them with a future that’s going to be all over the place..as we are in lockdown i went into our local store the other day and there was a young girl packing the shelves, we were haven a light chat, when she said with tears in her eyes ( im 18 and i look around and know this is my future ) just that short sentence i understood that her generation my grandkids generation and so on life is going to be so different with so many situations coming in front of them, the good thing is they adopt very quick to the changes quicker than us in the older part of society.


For me life has been up and down more up than down i find as i get older the down’s take a lot more work to turn them around, i don’t think we are a good society in so many ways with our philosophies, attitude, a lot of respect has gone for all ages, the tiniest thing can be blowout within seconds, we seem to stay closer to more who and what we know, to the ones that care are so protective towards there family, kids and friends which is good..there are a lot of good things around.. but all in all i don’t think as i said as a society we have gone a very different direction and i’m sad to say not for the better, again it’s changes we adopt to through a creation by us… life in 2021 and the future we need to be prepared as it will go in all directions for the good and the bad, if anything i’m so glad i was growing in life through the seventies and eighties unless you were there you would understand it was an amazing part of life.

Life is what we make of it, changes are how we adopt to them, life is how we prepare ourselves, but with this we learn through the experiences we have had and take them with us for the future that lies in front of us.



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