Again Changes On The Way = Love It…

Well how things can change in life and so quickly with in a day.. Up till monday every thing was just about the same as every day and then two calls and every thing just changed for the better..

Interview One..

Could be going North but this time on the coast and i mean on the coast couldn’t get any closer if you tried Lol, it would be around a 90 minute flight from Perth which is good. Exmouth is one of the oldest and most picturesque towns in Devon, the town is the gateway to the world heritage Jurassic coast…it truly a beautiful peace of Western Australia and one off the biggest tourist destinations in W.A.

The Position is in Exmouth working as a roller operator with all three — steel drum — Pad — and multi on new roads which is so good to get to operate all three pretty happy with that, a very good hourly rate with penalties and a lot of benefits, great accommodation and the opportunity to go permeant with in 4 months, with everything payed four airfares, work clothes, safety equipment etc etc.. Mmmm like that indeed.

Interview Two..

The same position but in the Regional part of Perth all areas of new road’s and operating the same machinery.. The good thing is its full time from the very first day i start, at very good hourly rate for the city with penalties and benefits on top 10 to 12 hour days and weekend work for 12 months, with all working clothes ect ect payed for the extra ecentive is regular courses with the company paying for all which is good as more tickets more increases in wages lol..

I have done the drug an alcohol for both companies, starting the inductions over the next few days and then weigh up the best for me this were the 3 Cs come into it for me ( CHOICE, CHANCE, CHANGES ) and this what i need to go over in the next few days of which position is going to benefit me for a life time of work..7 years Lol.



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