What Does Today Bring… For You…

Never Forget Yesterday. But Always Live For Today. Because You Never Know What Tomorrow can bring, Or What It Can Take Away.

For me every day i awake it does take me a while to gather my thoughts and get into my routine… As i get older my thoughts take a bit longer Lol i think it’s the age thing, but i also think about the movements and procedures for the day. My pattern for the day… I call it that as the first couple of hours i seem to do the regular things every day Lol… Get my cup of coffee and have it with the grandkids, love that at the moment spending quality time with them, go through my emails see what work is available, the good thing is there is no panic at the moment as all contracts are on the start next month which is just a week away and good to know, now every day play the waiting game for the magic call to start work.

The Difference Between Who You Were Yesterday And Who You Will Be Tomorrow Lies In What You Will Do Today.

As i have my second coffee today my recollection of last year by this time in the day iv’e all ready been up nearly six hours out in the heat working machinery or T.C work sounded by gods country Lol, and today as with every position iv’e put in for, im looking to go further up north or what they call the Wheat belts as in Kalgoorlie which is east in W.A as a machine operator.

What does today bring for me ? It’s a day i have never seen before and a day i won’t see again it can be a day were i could have more opportunities in front of me, or it’s a day were i’m still waiting for that to happen but what i have done is not sit back hoping that it’s thrown on my lap as this will not happen, what i have learnt in life…for whatever happens make your day work feel like you have accomplished or performed a standard that’s a good level of fulfilment for yourself that’s with everything we do, from work, projects or just being with your family but it is the feeling of satisfaction for what your day brings to you personally that’s important remember it’s your day.

For me starting today, i need to forget what has gone with the appreciation what still remains and look forward to what’s coming next.


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