What is Known With The Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine


To date, safety data on the vaccine has been collected from 37,586 Participants enrolled ongoing phase 3 clinical trials.

The Most commonly reported side effect from the vaccine is injection site reaction.

Other commonly reported side effect of the vaccine include, fatigue, headache’s and muscle pain.

Smaller numbers of participants reported chills, joint pain, or fever following vaccination.

Now the reaction to the second dose… tends to be a little more of an intense response, which makes sense, considering your immune system has been exposed already. Now the experts are saying that the ( Injection site reation’s, some aches and pains, some othe side effects — verses DEATH..Thats the balance people have to think about.

Australia Goverment Department Of Health.

All vaccines are throughly tested for safety before they are approved for use in Australia. This includes careful analysis of clinical trial data, ingredients, chemistry, manufacturing and other factors.

Now there saying that you may experience minor side affects following vaccination. Most side effects last no more than a couple of days to a week and you will recover without any problems..that’s good to know

What we are hearing there looking at making it compulsory for everyone to get the vaccine, company will make it compulsory no needle no job and it will be with schools as well no needle no school… i believe that yes have a vaccine for the (19) but we should no more about it on the short and long term and how many times do we TO get the shot is yearly or one off, it’s like i got the flew shot twice… both very separate like five years apart and both times ended UP in bed for over a week with a massive case of the flew.

What i want see is the government of all… Prime Minster all cabinet and health officials and their family and kids all get the injection on national T.V by leading the way and showing us that there is no problem in getting the vaccine… and then ill go for it..

I know there should be more testing or more information being put out on the vaccine, but as usually the government only give us what they want us to know and to hear, but all so i know they will win there way it showed how we were told what and how to do and being where when we had the outbreak of the virus.. i watched a film the other night called Contagion its a film about a virus that hits the world and it all the same contributions as we experienced... city’s going into look down, the fist touch, mad panic buying of food and water and people dyeing the funny thing is this was made 9 years ( 2011 ) before ( 2020 ) and it started in Hong Kong & China how uncanny is that it makes you wonder… if you watch this film it will show how close it was to the truth of 2020.

I hope to the populations around the world that everything goes well with the vaccine, i hope we know more about the vaccine and that it’s the right thing to do for every one in every country of the world..


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