2021 x The Art Of Dating = Castastrohe.

Eventually, You will meet a person who is tired of games, too, and their loyalty will match yours.

So what I’m writing about now is my experience’s know one else it’s mine, and how I feel with the dating game; I call it a game because really I’m being polite if I may so it’s a fucking joke the way we see our perspective on how the dating procedure works in 2021…

Now do I call myself an expert at this no far from it, Lol no it’s my perspective of the way its seen the art of dating haha dating that cracks me. Ok in the last 6 months I thought well or should I say my kids come on dad you need to get out there and meet a nice lady, find love dad.

As I mentioned the other day not only the dating game is strange but the websites see ya coming well some of them THE COST FACTOR CAN BE VERY EXPENSIVE TO TALK TO A COMPUTER, so I go through a few sites tested them to see what happens, got on to a couple I stayed with..so my age range was 40 to 60 years old for dating.. it was funny id meet a lady online say 43, go through all the questions one of them would be ( so tell me a bit about yourself ) so i write a full essay Lol and her sweet reply was… I work and have 2 kids been on my own for a while… which is ok, what I found all ways short answers and a lot of questions ( the big one was…what are you looking for on-site ) another essay later.. and in return… I don’t know what I’m looking for Lol.

Id end up chatting to a couple of ladies regular online for about 2 weeks, and id asks the question would you like to go for a coffee on the weekend, the answer would be the same as the one I get today ( i like chatting and really feel I need to get to know you ) I mean three weeks and you need to get to know me-time we go for a coffee ill have nothing to say lol.

Now why I’m on-site id have 30 to 35-year-old come online and say hello within 3 days we would meet up for a coffee or a meal, but a different scenario, where they didn’t want a relationship being polite a 2-night fling for a few days and move on, which at my age is pretty good in one way if I must say.

This is the part I don’t understand I can not get a date with a lady 40 and over online at all, there are two ladies, in particular, where I have been online for nearly 4 weeks and I asked them Friday night would you like to go for a luncheon or dine out ( no not yet I would like to stay online I feel I still need to get to know you ) really I could not understand now if I lived overseas or 200ks away but 15 & 21 kilometres and now we chatting about the weather as there is not too much they don’t know about me Lol… where I can take out a 3o year old with 3 nights of chatting… but its not that I’m strange but it’s not what I want, id like to settle down with someone for a long time as much as I like the 2-night flings.

So I find it easier with a lady a lot younger than I do with a lady between 40 and 60 years of age, it just doesn’t make sense at all they just want to stay online and chat… I found some ladies were using the site to chat why the husband was away for 2 weeks and other things as playing games…I have a 29-year-old ring me texting me to catch up with me now which I’m trying to explain to her I’m finding it hard you are the same age as my daughter…I have gone right of it at the moment and will do for quite a while and I joined a singles group called ( We are sick of dating sites… Lets MeetUp… ) well the age is between 25 and 60 they have over 3 thousand signed up… I’m one of them, they book out a venue and all meet up… the first one I’m going to is 40 to 60-year-olds at a hotel in the city, looking forward to it indeed.

Now without defending any women out there over 40 I got no idea what you are looking for and I’m not spending a year online to find out, I’m from the old school get to know a bit about each other and then meet up face to face if it works a second date is organised if not have a good one… the younger ladies are different again in some ways they just happy meeting someone haven a good time with no commitment…me I’m into meeting someone getting to know them with working towards a commitment a long one at that, so, for now, I’m trying a different direction in the dating game and let’s see what happens.. whatever happens, today dating is a lot harder than 10 or 20 years ago, one that I really don’t know how it works but enjoy for whatever way it goes.


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