Dating On The Internet…

I find that a lot of women and id say men as well don’t live or say what they do and have done… i have met some women on a particular site were we would go through a manger and book a room for a night or two, i must admit it was ok but it’s not what i wanted so moved on and again got caught a few times had a couple ladies that went half’s in the room but not to many.

So time to move on found a few that just don’t work at all and a couple were you buy coins to chat back mmm what a fucking rot that is, its 50 coins for each message, and they are 49 dollars for 1,500 u can chew them up in just saying hi how old are and of course the women ask that cost you,,, what do u do in life, how many kids, what are you looking for ahahah what a bad one those ones are.. So i don’t know with these dating sites some people say they work and some say they dont i say there so many bad ones out there and i find there are so many women that need to really look in the mirror and ask them selfs am i that really that fucking evil, and i know there would be women like me that find the same with men and think how bad is the world of internet dating.

So for me it was another way of experiencing another part of my life and that was internet dating, one i really did enjoy and one that i felt gutted on what people do with lies and conceiving acts on people’s lives, met some good people but we just did our thing and moved on, In which im doing now,,, i have joined a singles club of all ages the first gig is in a few weeks were a venue is booked out for the entire night and singles take over, they meet up for coffee, swims, movies, dining out most things… All this is because i’m Lonely well id say at least one thing i’m getting out trying to see what the world of dating has to offer from all angles and even at my age…

I have one philosophy in life… IS if i wake up every day and my little mate is not stand very tall,,, life is coming to an end as from being the man i use to be lol until then life goes on and i’m looking for a lady that wants to be a huge part of my experiences and as i live through my life..

Its 6pm and i get comfortable at the computer

Check My Emails..

Mmm a few reply’s and a bit of interest towards me, and a few that want to get to know me a bit as i surf through my likes and dislikes of me i wonder were im going with this in the long run.

WHAT DO I FEEL WITH INTERNET DATING. Now online dating is one of the most popular ways for us singles to meet other people, but it’s also the one of the easiest ways for scammers and fucking lowlifes to take people hearts..

The other part is the catch these sites use free membership and you put your profile up photo, history about yourself,and then your onand a lady show’s of interest with a message.. now to answer it has just cost you any thing from 50 to 160 dollars to answer that message, you feel your on a good thing and you go for it lol dollars later.

So the problem with a lot of online dating applications is that they don’t really work. It can put a hole in your wallet real quick, but also people lie on there online dating profiles, classic i met a lady and she forgot to tell me the photo she had up was off ten years ago and 50 kilos lighter.

Don’t date the most beautiful person in the world, date the person who makes your world the most beautiful.


On line everyone can be who they want to be. It only gets tricky when you meet them in the Real World.


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