Saying GoodBye…Pilbara..

Words can’t describe the feeling i have knowing that it could be bye, bye Pilbara.. Its amazing at a blink of eye how life can change how quick it can, i got a call yesterday from the CEO of MGPL..basically it was to say that the contracts haven’t come through yet and could be a while before they do he suggested to grab another job as it could be a few months \, in the mining term that could be six to twelve, they were really good about in the follow up to give his name and number for a personal reference, and to my surprise the HR manager and the site manager’s rang to give their details as a reference for a new position.

I ended up being there 19 months and i enjoyed 99% of them with the heat the wild weather and storms, the wild life, the people i met and the land i loved even with it’s harshness of the wild, the laws, regulations and rules we hat to aby by at all times but it was simple. So i move on looks like i have a position in the wheat belt driving a roller which is good not a bad hourly rate and three on and one off is ok.

Im thinking positive i have the experience now of working away and got some valuable tickets for heavy machinery, which certainly helps for this industry, the company has stated that when the contract are all go ill be the first they ring, its something you hope that happens but don’t hold ya breath with lol.. I thank the Pilbara for giving me a chance in seeing something very unique and amazing place in Australia and the people of the land for showing me the true meaning of the term spirts of the land and hopefully one day i go there again, but until then life goes on and so must i keep moving forward for another adventure in life at 62.


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