Just Thinking…

Sometimes You Will Never. Know The Value Of A Moment. Until It Becomes A Memory.


Are there days that you do a project or meet someone for a coffee or just go to a destination that you might enjoy but don’t think much about it at that particular time.

Then down the track as your driving or just sitting in quiet time you think about that particular event or outing, even at work it comes back to you… it could put a smile on your face, make you have a laugh to yourself, wish you never did it, or you feel sad with it.

We all sometime through the week or day, a memory come’s flashing back into hour head.. me I remember a few things on shift throughout the year that bring me a smile or I’m not doing that again but there of value.. the other day I just went with my daughter her husband an kids down south went for lunch, to us it’s just a thing you do but also it’s a memory that I cherish and loved doing it, it was so simple but means so much to me in so many ways, they are great value of life as you get older they are worth every bit that puts a jigsaw of your life together.

Eventually you’ll end up where. You need to be, with who your meant to be, With who your meant to be with, and doing what You should be doing.

That’s a funny one in so many ways, like if you had said to me twenty years ago that when you are in your 60’s u will be working up north on mines lol that’s what I would have done, for me it was never on the cards to work up north.

I’d say through my life there are a lot of places were I ended up and didn’t know I was going that direction at all, or planed to go in a certain direction which took a lot of hard work and sometimes just didn’t quiet get there.

As for meant to be with some one well that is of one that confuses me an it’s one I keep thinking off as u do when you have been on your own for twenty years lol. Life has so many twist and turns for some, can be a good twist or a bad turn but they creat a purpose of each one turn, it’s how we justify it and use it is of so much importance to life.

What should I be doing. I make this sound so simple don’t I and sometimes it never works that way, and that’s just enjoy it..the challenges, the up an downs, the twist and turns, as for we’re we are meant to be, unless your life is directed and amped every detail of every year by your peers, who knows which way it’s going all we’re you end up, we all have dreams and ambitions in life, some of us make them happen, some we are on the right path with a slight turn and for some of us we never get there, but for what ever reason we have a destination it’s just how and when we get there.


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