I spent just over 5 weeks on this swing a long one but really good, encountered a Pilbara storm over the swing one with mighty power but interring at that. Well i haven’t wrote a blog for so long have i lost interest ( far from it ) i was just not in the right frame of mind to do so, as we were told that contract is coming to an end and that can mean its the finish of you in the mining industry.

The most amazing thing i love off this job if you are prepared to use your imagination and look around u can find some great photos of some the best landscape and scenery.

I arrived home Tuesday evening slept for 2 days lol on the Friday the CEO rang me to let me know don’t worry what you hear about your position its very very safe that was music to my ears as the company is haven a major clean out and my son and i were at the top of the list for re-hirement dad was number 1 lol. That is a relief i was offered a 2 year contract on the wall project driving the new concrete truck and then transferred straight into the Rio contract for 5 years that will do until retirement i think lol.

I would say the last 18 months has been a life experience for me i learnt so much of the land the people and their culture, 18 months to think guys had bets on me that id only last 2 swings Haha i lasted longer than 100 other people who had come and gone for some reason or another it was truly a life turn around for me in so many ways and all good looking forward to the next challenge of my life in 2021.

To the land of Beauty thank you for a Life time Experience.


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