New Day..

I’m off on a new shift on board the plane as I write, preparing for a big one, five weeks I’ve been told, good in one way as we are shutting down for a month.

In saying that can’t complain as the company put me on this shift so it helps me that period with that month off financially which is good you could say I’m being looked after which is good.

Im going to miss these guys something crazy i find every time I go home it is just a bit harder to leave, Im wright once I get there hahah that’s what I tell myself.

I’m a funny guy I love the position I have and we’re I work but you do mis out on a fair bit, that comes with what we earn got to take and give a part of life.

My daughter is such a great girl, great with her husband, kids family and great for me , the thing I love she is such a genuine person with a great heart.

Haha back home o well I’m here more than at home… all good life’s ok..


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