My Morning Coffee..

If You Were to Ask yourself ? am i a good parent the Answer would be.

The question isn’t so much, Are you parenting the right way ? as it is : Are you the adult you want your child to grow up to be ?

We all had tea together last night as in the kids and me… as my son and i haven’t done it for a while and i won’t see him for over three months we have been shifted to different camps and jobs so it will be a while. But as i sat back and watched and listened to the kids with their conversation and how they were reacting to the subject of interest. Yes I’m very happy were they are in life and the path they are going on..My daughter and husband are great parents learning every day and taking ever challenge on as a parent. ( Yes I’m Happy As A Parent Very Happy As A Dad And There Friend. )

If we were to look at our lives they throw some challenges at you i have one coming my way haha i have been told i leave tomorrow for my swing come back on the 22nd of December five and half weeks big one, but all so we are closing down for a month so that will be good for a break and the money will get me through the close down..but it’s a big one Haha.

There is no challenge Challenging than the challenge To improve Yourself.

Wake up, smile And tell yourself: Today is my Day.

That is one thing i have done over life tried to be strong with different scenarios thrown at me, i would say it certainly has been a strength.. i have hat to work on it over the years and still do at 62, one of the hardest things is to build a good inner strength with the challenges that could come in front of you.

I can say honestly not everyone likes me not everyone likes my blogs that i put up as well, but that’s ok … I am who I am, i will not change to be anybody else that pleases people so they like me, as i say to my kids… Just Be You.. out of the 50 or so that i work with, there would be easy 10 or so that dont Particular like me.. Hahaha i don’t lose sleep over it.. i look at it, it’s their loss my gain in some ways i just keep to myself and enjoy my job.

I enjoyed the coffee i must admit and i enjoy sitting here with Toots and Ava but more than anything i knew i woke up today knowing it’s another good day and Life is ok for me at the moment.. it’s been pretty good.


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