Haha Another Story..

Its funny some times we do things that you would have thought of as ill never do that.. it must be the old age thing again..Haha

It started of a lazy day, well i went shopping with Tara an Ava and then i went and did a couple of things for my self that i needed to do but all in all just cruise day at that. I’m sitting out side in the bar area looking down at my feet thinking one job i hated with a passion is doing my toe & finger nails i know an interesting subject i know… but ill get there..

Just a bit history in between this, For People Pedicuring there nails this has been going on for around 4,000 years, In Southern Babylonia noblemen used solid gold tools to give themselves Manicures & pedicures. Fingernail polish originating in China 3000 BC and goes to the point were Egyptians also coloured their nails.. Red was rated highest of the social class. Today it’s a huge market through the world were women of most ages get there feet and hands Manicured regular for the look of beauty or just to feel really good with themselves a Nail Technician can earn anything up to a Hundred Dollars an hour, as my daughter saids dad it’s her little treat.

Im quietly looking around thinking about doing my nails, my daughter comes out and saids dad I’ve booked you in around the corner your appointment is in half an hour, i have that look as i do when i’m confused what appointment Toots, your Pedicure dad it will be good for you have a bit of treat. Haha yea right, well short story my Daughter all ways wins Mmm i think it’s that dad an daughter thing Haha... I end up going around the corner to Tina’s nail and beauty salon. As i walked into the salon and no were to go i could see 3 women in uniform and two ladies getting their feet done when a well dressed lady comes up to me, how are you Paul we are ready to do your Manicure follow me please, as i sit looking around put my feet in a tub with warm water and some solution added i’m in heaven this feels good. I GOT into the swing of things pretty quick iPhone in one hand relaxing in the other.

Now as a married man the Wifey would go regular to have her hair and nails done sometimes it would turn into a half day thing, which i didn’t mind as she worked hard with the kids and her full time job, ( and as the saying goes a happy wife is a happy life Lol ).

I will admit i got pampered as i sat in a full back massage chair, i got full foot and hand massage all the dead skin cleaned off nails shaped and cleaned, not that i had disgusting feet and hands but it certainly took them to another level, an hour later i felt so good, my feet were so happy and really relaxed to the stint were I’ve booked in the week i get back in two weeks haha.

Yes i have been won over and yes i don’t care what i’m thought off but that was the best my feet and hands have felt in a long long time and yes i have booked in again i can see why ladies love getting their nails done and for $50.00 dollars won me, now i get my beard shaped, hair cut, a regular body massage.. and now added to the list is my nails with a hand & foot massage booked in from every shift home, Mmmmm what’s next the mind boggles Hahaha, but i’m going to have a mind set off.. I work hard and mis out on a lot over the two to three weeks on shift so Fuck it.. Im going to enjoy my little treats and get pampered all so it does help with my depression Lol i reckon its helping as i have a booking nearly every day to busy to get down and out, that’s my thought anyway.

Yes to the ladies and women of the world i have just invested into your little treat of life and i can see why…. it does make you feel good and when i look at my hands and feet i do feel so much better, it’s a good clean feeling now, i’m not going to get them painted Haha Lol but for me it’s another little thing iv’e tried in life and i’m glad i did, as the saying goes your never to old and it’s never to late to learn what can make life just that one step better.

Life Is A Journey To Have Many Experiences Not A Problem To Be Solved.

Don’t Look Back And Grieve Over The Past Live In The Present And Make It Beautiful That It Will Be Worth Looking Back At.

It might not last for ever i understand that, but i’m going to enjoy the ride why it is in front off me. Pm


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