The 4 Words That Mould You As A Person…

If you were to look at something very simple in life as in words.. that could make you a person of great value or an out right wanker what would they be to you.


There are so many words that can mould you as a person and we all would have once that suit or have done something for you in life, what i have found for me and one that i have worked with over the years with the kids suit my way and thoughts of life which has got me through 62 years of it Haha LoL.



If You Want To Be HONEST, Be True.

If You Want To Be TRUE, Just Be


It’s a word that can do you justice or scar you for life, now some where through life we all have told a little white lie or added an taken a bit from the story, but most of us are very truthful and sincere to our conversations or story that we tell.

2)..Truth.. The Truth Doesn’t Cost Anything, But A Lie Could Cost You Everything.

There was a famous line in a particular movie called ( A Few Good Men ) that Jack Nicholson screams across the courtroom at the lawer ( Tom Cruise ) Boy You Can’t Handle The Truth.. that was one very powerful line and the one word that really sticks out is ( Truth ).

Say the ( Truth Or Truthfulness ) means speaking of what a person knows without hiding any information. Honesty can cover a greater arena, Chastity, Honour, Straightforwardness, Moral and Ethical Strength. They are closely related , however honesty is a broader concept, truthfulness means that you tell the truth when asked.

Integrity is telling myself the truth. And Honesty Is Telling The Truth To Other People.

( TryLife..)

I have always been one for telling the Truth even if it meant getting in big trouble, but have never regretted in doing do so, that’s what i have worked on over the years with my kids and they are doing the same with their kids, i believe it’s a good thing they will grow to be outstanding human beings.

3)..Respect.. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Talk to people the way you want to be talked to. Respect is earned not Given.

( Hussein Nishah. )

Respect is such a big word into days society, and it’s a word that is missing with the new generation of today’s world well certainly in Australia not all but a big majority of our youths, we emphasise this with Kado and as we say it’s so simple.

The simple things that are missing, knock before entering, say please and thank you, respect your elders, Id let another person have my seat if needed, say excuse me when needed too, hold the door open for the person behind you, and many more that can show respect, i still do all these today and i’m 62, does it make me a hero no far from it.. No what it is i’m from the old school and that’s the way we were brought up and thats how i brought up my kids and it’s the way their doing it with there’s, the great thing for me was i was raised to treat people exactly how i would like to be treated by others… ( It’s Called Respect. )

Knowledge Will Give You Power, But Character Respect.

Bruce Lee..
Today’s New Generation.

4)..Love.. Love is just a word, until someone arrives to give it true meaning.

Paulo Coelho..

For me Love isn’t Practical and that’s because i haven’t been in that position for so long.. but with my kids and grandkids, it surfaced and something i cherish very much to be a part off them and their lives which ultimately is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and a very happy man in life.

True love is you are willing to forgive and forget, not just what you see but also how ya feel, you not only listen but understand, you try not to let go but hold on. True love is a strong and lasting affection between to people that are happy, passionate and have a fulfilling relationship, that last for a life time, my mum and dad have been together for over 60 years and still care for each other so much, mums already worried about if anything happens to dad how lost she will be in life, and i can understand as 60 years is a long time in life.

The word love is such a very strong statement when said because you are truly got those feelings and that you care more about them and their happiness than your own, with that it can and does bring happiness into your life as well. I do remember how it felt loving my wife and the feeling of when she left me it took me 10 years to except she wasn’t coming back. For me love is a general sense, can be defined as an expansion of the heart toward another human being…. Can not wait Hahaha Lol.


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