Another World..LoL

As we know I work up in the Pilbara and one of an amazing place. It’s funny my shift is 2 an 1 but it varies it could be two weeks to a month, depends on the demand of the construction at the time. This swing I’ve been on night shift half way through it, 10 nights 3 to go twenty five day shift, fly home Tuesday morning eight am looking forward to that I must say good to catch up with my kids mis them a lot.

We are around 100kms from camp so it’s a good drive before we get to the site and doing a 13, hour shift so long night. There are 3 of us the other two are women and there together about 2 kms away I’m on my own we have radio communications it’s all good got to look after the girls haha.

The thing that intrigue’s me is the quietness it’s so quiet it’s another world, the other night I had a tiger snake moving across the road around 4ft so a good size one at that, but I could hear his movements as he slithered across from one side to the other, last night I could hear this well rhythm thumps coming towards me it got louder an louder then I realised it was two kangaroos just cruising through, they stoped had a quick look and off they went into the scrub.

Do u know how you get that feeling your been watched, around 3am I had this strange sense I was being watched as I looked around I noticed 4 or 5 dark shadows and two stepped out they were dingos a small pack they just sat checked me out for awhile, In saying they were interested why I was just out in the middle of no were as I was of them but in the LV I was pretty happy looking from there LoL.

I have to say it’s been a very interesting shift with the Quietness, Loneliest of shifts that’s for sure, and the wild life around the nights is one of movements as they sleep all day and move of a night, did I mention the stars, the moonlight with not one drop of a breeze, it’s a land that keeps me awake, intrigued, very aware of what’s around you, but I have this feeling I’m blessed and in a funny way very privileged to be here to be a small part of this beautiful part of Australia.



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