Enjoy What We Have In Life..

They would be the most honest quotes when it comes to what we own and have in life. I all ways believed that one day things will turn I did have plenty of patience but all so worked for it and didn’t let my dreams and goals go either.

I made choices in life one was to be involved in sports at a high level and that I did for over 40 years, it’s an occupation that you do with love and passion not for the money side, I was at an income that you payed your bills and a bit over for your self, but it’s one that had great rewards an I loved with so much passion with the enjoyment of my up an coming sports stars going to the next level of their dreams.

I’ve met people that have everything an want more never seem happy with what they have achieved, and then the like me person would like to have more in life but all so know that it will happen, and what I have is at least something and I know what I have has been hard work to achieve and that’s when you really appreciate what you have got in life.

Is the material things in life every thing in life.. Through out life I have brought second hand fridges, lounges, dining tables, cars mmmm plenty of them hahaha, but there mine I own them and they have got me through life to where I am now. Yes I’d say I can up my market easy than I ever have but I don’t I just got what I use mostly in life yes it’s good quality but it’s an reward for the twenty years in bringing up the kids and enjoying what I had which was good for us all, the kids didn’t mis out.

I believe your attitude is so important to your riches of your life in what ever way if your at a high level, middle, below just enjoy what you have and all ways remember it’s yours and keep working towards the next level, but all so remember that the materials of life are good but the love of your kids family and friends is the best as in everything in life.



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