The Value Of The Aromatherapy Oil…

I had a chance to get some aromatherapy oils over my break, I must admit I was so relaxed body an mind before boarding the plane, certainly felt good in the mind really focused.

My daughter is wright to Aromatherapy and same with her mother, they explained the benefits with it for muscle soreness and stiff jointsuse Panaway for joints and tight hamstrings with muscle soreness by putting a few drops in the concerned area and massage it in.. for stress and a bit down Peppermint & Lemon by put a few drops on the wrist or behind the ears rub it in to the area.

Ive been using it and I must say they certainly help, through this I’ve been reading up more on the Aromatherapy oils and learning different programs they can certainly benefit your mind, body, mental and soul in so many ways.

Aromatherapy oils it’s helping in a good way next shift bring up on site for my swing to be fit a better shift.


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