As I Ponder Over Life.

LIFE GOES ON.. Whether you choose to move on and take a chance in the unknown. Or stay behind, locked in the past, thinking of what could’ve been.

Do you ever sit and Ponder.. what could have been.. or should have your life.. At the mere age of 62 i just sat down and so many deep thoughts come into my head of the directions i am going. How many of us relish on starting a fresh day, see what has gone, and appreciate what still remains, with looking forward to what’s coming next.

You don’t always need to understand your journey in life you, you just need to trust that you’re going in the right Direction.

Steven Aitchison.

Over the years i have had many changes in life with my work situation, as in the changes i have made good ones and bad ones but all been a part of directions that i have gone in life, I’ve turned Left, Right, gone straight and even say maybe this time going up, which i have done a few times but hit the ground with a thump.

Is it true Your Life is a reflection of your Thoughts. If You Change You’re Thinking You Change Your Life.

The power of thought.. can your thought be the architect of your destiny, in which way we move in life.

Can we look at our lives like a book… I believe your life is like a book, some chapters are better than others, sometimes do you feel that every now and then that here is a possibility we’re we need to change the chapter every now and then or it can get very repetitive and boring.

We can be at many levels in life, work, relationships, family, friends, what we owe or don’t have, for what ever is around us or in front of us is what we have created and we can mange that even with mistakes or right decision’s that we have made. By moving on or forward is a process, moving forward can be my choice. Is there a difference between the two, moving on or forward is letting things happen for us, if your choice is making sure you are moving forward is making things happen for you.

As i reflect or ponder on what i have wrote with the chapters in my life i feel yes there has been so many changes in different things with my life, would i say that there is regrets with some of the short chapters, regrets not sure..mistakes that have given me experiences in life, deep down in my heart a couple of regrets but can not amends them the past is beyond me.. what we need to do is Ponder your thought on going forward and how to write the next chapter in your life.

If we had one meaning of life what would be the key besides that it is to be lived in the best way you develop your direction so that it can be Lived.


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