Oils is Oils = Another Change = For The Better.

I just got home on another big swing and the weather is starting to warm up no worries about that jumped on the plane at 39 degrees, got into Perth at 18 degrees, where is my jumper Lol. Id have to say things change up there with your job as i do undies in which i change every day Haha but any way going to another level as a senior team leader as a T.c and roller operator which is good and a pay rise which is better.

Oils Is Oils = Changes In Life.

I seem to be tired and worn out when i get home for the first few days on a regular basis, My daughter suggested to try some Essential Oils that could help with different things, health, mind, soreness, tiredness and a few other things.. So i orders a pack before leaving and it’s here when i arrive home.

Essential oils are for use of cosmetic purpose, as well as for their spiritually and emotionally uplifting Properties.Modern lifestyles don’t all ways create optimal conditions for physical wellness. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and over abundance of environmental toxins can leave the body unbalanced and diminish energy levels, that fits me pretty good Lol.

I know they work and yes if you are prepared to put some effort into it the beneficiary for you. What i’m looking for is if im going to put in the hard yards to benefit as well in life where i can keep doing it but enjoy doing it, to help rediscover peace, balance and joy in life. To do this you have to take stock of your life. So to make this work i need to start looking at and think about the way i eat and what i drink it’s called be Mindful Of What You Eat And Drink…. pretty easy to say but in reality this is what is needed to be successful and get proper use with the Oils.

You are a living Magnet. What You Attract Into Your Life Is In Harmony With Your Dominant Thoughts.

Brian Tracey.

Two things define you. Your Patience When You Have Nothing, And Your Attitude When You Have Everything.



Will see how i go with this… or what i need to do is give it a real go and no EXCUSES IN LIFE.


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