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A Bit Lost With The Art Of Dating.

It’s funny I have been out of the dating game for so long, it has turned into a challenge of what I’m doing right or wrong or what are today’s women are looking for with men as there partner .

I find myself as a good man, I have good morals in life I’m one that understands and works on the way I approach people and the communication side of life with people of all ages.

With these sites you put up as in your profile, a bit about yourself as in personality, life philosophies, the good and bad and what your looking for in a partner long term short term with the trimmings included, weight, height, religions, eyes, do you drink or smoke hates an Likes want or don’t want kids, just about everything except how big your little mate is hahaha.

I sort of look at it there is only so much you can tell about yourself I believe before you become a wanker, yes give enough information so they can paint a picture off you.

Ok I have done the procedure an put up some photos, nothing to hide I’m me with up too date photos haha. I have had likes, messages and a few request for more information. But this is we’re i get confused I have had a few ladies get my contact details to chat to me on the phone and get to know me better, and then nothing and I mean nothing haha.

So what am I confused about haha that’s an understatement if I ever said one in life. What is the confusion? What are today’s women looking for in men and dating, seriously to find a lady that you could make something in the future of life is hard as I’m not sure what they want.

I have never abused women in any way or mis treated them as my Ex has said I did nothing to her in any way for her to leave me, she just didn’t want to be there any more with a man that treated her like a lady.

I’m not going to loose sleep over it, but what I’d like to know the big Question…What Do Women Want, What are there conceptions of a good man, I’d admit I’m not perfect but I’d make a good man to be a part of in anyone’s life.


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