EveryOne Has A Story In Life..

I have found through out life even more now as i get older we all have a story in life that we have all been through from Happiness, Sadness, Love, Family, Ups & Downs and many more that some we’er along the line they have come and gone, that can have a follow on on could just stop with the story staying on the same chapter.

Your Life Is A Story What’s done is done Where it goes from here Is totally up to you. Write Your Own Ending.

With life i have learnt that we can change our story from one title to another, the way we present our face value or image of ourselves to friends, family, work as we grow through life. We can have an influence on people around us through our behaviour and the character we can develop with the right story in life.

One of our most mis Conclusions of judgement is the way we take the cover of every book that presents to us in front of every day meeting new people or working with them day in day out, before we know the introduction to their story as a person and who they are with there story, with this sometimes we never get to know that book for what they are. I know i can have that cover the way i present myself we’re people don’t want to know what i have to offer as a storyteller or how i can express my knowledge through my background and the wisdom of experiences that have taken place or transpired in my life.

When writing the story of your Life, Don’t let anyone else hold the Pen.

I found as i got older i was embarrassed not for who i was and how i presented myself to people but the smile was never to the way of expressing myself with happiness or happy to be with people, and i sometimes felt i was judged by my face with the half hearted smile, if i was to be honest teeth do make a difference with you as a person it’s basic and it’s called confidence, the feeling of belief in yourself.

I know my two kids have and still are writing their stories to there lives with many more chapters to write, but their story are ones that are worth reading as a person.. We’re my daughter has the most beautiful heart and a personality of quality that walks into a room with a glow that invites you to say hello and have a chat.. Were my son has had several stories to his life ones that he has grown into a man that is so well liked with great respect and he offers his knowledge of life in we’re he has been and where he is now, and one that as a dad i’m so proud of his and my daughter’s, with the grandkids starting to present there’s in life and one that will off great value in reading in the future..

Don’t let one chapter in your life define the rest of your life. The key is to learn from that chapter and re-write your own story.

Your life is an open book full of blank pages. You write the story as you go.

I believe i have so many more chapters to write, ones that will be of most interest, ones with a quick flick through, ones that could help or inspire one person to help with there’s, one of love ( i’m still trying to find the headline for that one Lol ) what i do know i hope one day ill be remembered for haven a good story one that was worth reading for many people throughout my life.



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