A Quick One Is A Good One…

Gods Country..

It was a very quick shift which was good in some ways,I looked forward to this it’s good to have a break from 3 an 1 for one swing.

Very spiritual part of Australia..

We’re starting to get into the warmer part of the year with the weather I had a week of 35 to 38 Degrees every day, again up there at the right time getting prepared for the hot weather coming in the 50’s haha Lol.

Being promoted on to the grader.

My company approached me last week with a promotion of going up the line on a grader, in small terms in this industry it’s a very good promotion. If I said I was really happy with this that would be an understatement for sure, as off now very happy being offered the position..going up the ladder is better than going down Haha.

On the last day of the shift I was hiding the fact that it was my birthday, thats a thing in life I don’t get excited about at all these day’s haha Mmm another story any way they got me with a big happy birthday and spoilt me with a few things I did not expected and that was the promotion a pretty good present at the ripe age of 62 haha I did enjoy the attention aha lol looking forward to the next swing.

A great way to say good night.

#Lifeat62. Lol.

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