Coffee Quotes For Today..

I have that missing feeling again it must be close to my birthday Lol.. LOVE.. now again this is coming from a guy that has not been in love for over 20 years so the question i ask … what do i know ?

Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you !”

As I write that quote i sort of thought for a minute, if it was looking for me it didn’t look too hard to find me Haha Lol. They say that you will know when the time is wright and the feeling for it comes into your life is one of true enjoyment, that if anything is one piece of my puzzle that is still missing in life.

Be You. The world will adjust.

Live a simple life, doing what you Love.

I believe i’m just me i don’t try to be anyone else in life, my philosophy is just be me and people will take me for who i am.. To live a simple life is a very hard one into days society and world, especially the way the world turns so quick in many directions, what i try to do is make it simple by going the directions but making them to suit your life.

To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.

Robert Morley

I am me , nothing more, nothing less, and that is enough.

Harpreet M Dayal

I never really understood the meaning you have to love yourself before you find true love, i mean i have liked myself and were i’m going, and some times can’t stand me for who i am, but to love me i all ways found it really hard in some ways, were to day id say i don’t love me but are more comfortable in me and more confident with a smile haha Lol. That is basically take me for who i am not who you want me to be and i still believe people like me for who i am not what they want me to be.

I’d say that the meaning of true Happiness is when we are happy with Ourselves.

Yes you were born to be real not to be Perfect.

If any one says that they are perfect i’d say you are not true to yourself and your dreaming time to wake up.. no one can say that they are perfect we all have things that we need to fine tune..i’m 61 and forever trying to tune in seeing if i can be a good person to the people around me not perfect but but be the person i want to be.

Love and happiness are complementary, you cannot have one without the other and you get the best of them Together.

How did this become again talking on love for one that has not loved for so long, easy i blame my hairdresser Haha a beautiful lady as well as a good hairdresser, i walked into the shop to get my trim up of beauty as she calls it. She advanced towards me with the most beautiful smile and warmth, put her arms around me and said she was so happy for me as you are a beautiful man and deserved happiness..

Now to say that she is married and very i’ve been going there for some years now she has got to know me.. the whole thing is i realized how much i miss that warmth, cuddle, the smile of happiness for you and the beautiful scent of a true women.. i walked out of there happy but down so i have spent the last two days on my own Haha Lol.

It is not What You Are that hold you back, it is what You think You Are Not.

So i’m going in to something that i wouldn’t think i’d do but have, is it a sign of desperately looking for love, i don’t know what i’d call it but i have joined a dating site.. Mmmm o well see what happens at least i can smile.. lol.. if anything it is another adventure for one of 61 and looking for the art in to love and be loved.



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