What Are Our Values Of Life ?

My aunty and i were have’n a chat the other night through this the conversation come up on what are my values in life. I thought for a minute mine is pretty easy, knowing that i have done my best in bring the kids up with their lives and the love i have for them to me is so important.

Try not become a man of Success. Rather become a man of Value.

Albert Einstein.

Values can stand for so many things your Morals, Ethics, Character, Honor with many more that can be added to the list.. i look at Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Caring i believe they are ones that i have tried to work on most of my life

Living with strong values is important to help us grow and develop in life, they help us to create our future and the experience, they can help find your purpose make the right decisions, help increase our confidence, they can give us a good sense of purpose, fulfilment and happiness.

The major Value in Life is not what you get. The major value in life is What You Have Become.

Jim Rohn

I do believe at the end of it.. is what you have become as a person, I’d like to think the day that i’m getting buried that people remember me for the person i was which was a good man in so many ways with my personality, morals, philosophy of life in general, good principles, with what i valued in life.. all in all i had good values and carried them out through my life with family, friends, work mates and especially my kids and grandkids that’s the importance of haven good values in life to me.


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