It’s Been A Big One..

Wow it’s been a big a massive 25 days..just got home.. My day was starting at 3.30 am into the crib room get ready out of camp at 4.30 at the site around 7 after the 200 kilometre drive, a full days work get back at camp around 6pm on wards and start again, I must admit I was so tired at the end I’m glad I got home last night excellent.

It’s hard not to admire we’re your working..

I find while on shift I keep going at all times but as soon as the day finishes and I do my washing and get ready for the next day I just crash the brain doesn’t regenerate to do to much it must be the old age haha Lol .

My son and I got called into the office with the site manager..Wade asked the question are we okay dad, I think so mate lol..we both got told that our jobs are very secure for the next 10 too 20 years and what the expectations of us were. All good I’m learning the grader and doing the Advanced Traffic Management course that covers me to do the TMP and road maps for all sites and contracts.. Wade Is doing the Civil Engineering course so he can work his way up the top of the ladder..excellent for both off us knowing I have Securty till the day I retire and Wade life.

, The biggest thing off all this I’m learning is how lucky I am and never take life for granted in which I don’t do that at all, but all so doesn’t matter the age but there are openings in life put in front of you, it’s initially the decision with in you if you take that opportunity or moment and go for it, I have found it hard.

Sometimes the hours and the long stints away from home, I all so love the challenges and we’re we are very much so..the greatest part for me is watching my son create great opportunities in life and go for them.. I’m a pretty lucky man in so many ways I think I thing in which I can be proud of I didn’t get this handed to me I’ve worked and worked hard for this and still have a long way too go.. An I don’t take this for granted at all I just appreciate the chances in life at 61..Lol.


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