Understanding An Understatement..

I’m starting out on how some people have no idea in life and i mean no fucking idea..At the moment we are haven a major problem with the Coronavirus in the Eastern States Of Australia as In Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane with a new wave of the Virus.

It has progressed faster than the first wave that hit Australia Melbourne are recording two too five hundred new cases every day and ten to twenty deaths it’s not a good thing at all to hear and see, i find it pretty disturbing in so many ways to see what is happening in Australia and the world..

Be safe be smart..

We have this small minority that just don’t get it they have this thing that they have rights by the 5th amendment, were they don’t have to do what is saving lives just by wearing a mask, washing their hands be one point five metres away from the nearest person and have some respect for people that are around them.. they need to be told life is just not there arrogance,or unnatural way of treating the people around them, or just think they are better than anyone else.

In Western Australia we are the lucky ones at the moment and i believe it’s through a strong government that we have and keep to their rules and regulations and again it’s the small minority that are bitching about it.. We have this one Billionaire that believes we should open the borders to the rest of Australia, so much so he is taking the government to the high courts to reopen the boarders, another moran seriously because his businesses are only making a million a day he is not happy that we are safe and well and 99% of W.A are happy where we are going.

What is it with our generation of our society we are so fucking politically correct these days with so many thing in life, over the years i have seen Christmas Carols taken away from the kids because we will upset the different nationalities and their beliefs of God, Easter is the same, you can write a paragraph and all of a sudden you are racist or say one word that can put into the deepest hole, now we have shopping centers changing the wording of the festive season so we don’t upset anyone, and in some ways the freedom of speech has slowly gone out the window with many other phases of speech that was once in all good fun, that was a way our Australian sense of humour was known for, one of the saddest is Anzac day it’s slowly disappearing from a nation that stood so proud to be Australians now we stand in a dark corner so we don’t offend anyone even being a christian is something that can be dark on the streets.

I believe that the Australian government are trying to help this country get back on it’s feet and keep everyone safe in life..if people see this as a problem then leave go back to your beloved country or just disappear and get out of peoples site stop putting yourself on F.B or Instagram and big noting yourselves..the majority of society are taking this very seriously it’s affecting us in so many ways from work, familys, friends, loved ones, our kids are being brought up in such a different world compared to the world i grew up in, so we need to support the elders, family, youths, kids of all nationalities in the society to get through this the best we can.

How do we do this it’s so easy even my nine year old grandson has worked it out, social distancing, wash your hands, wear mask when told, have respect for everyone around you not just yourself, understand that your life is not the only one on the planet, it’s not an understatement when you hear or read this is very serious on what is happening with the Coronavirus it’s not a joke far from it.

Again today we find sad news in the eastern states another 590 cases and 15 deaths, to see this it hits home on what is happening but to make things worse was an anti protest on the right not to wear a mask when we are on the streets shopping or what it is ever we need to do even at work now we have been asked to wear the mask, all so all borders are closed to each state in Australia to try and stop the flow of this Virus, again we have people protesting with this rule.

The government have brought out penalties and fines for not doing what is asked it has all been passed through the senate.. $200.00 for not wearing a mask.. $1600.00 for not obeying the closure of borders or trying to get through them without handing over your documents and licence, the other one is if you are put into a 14 day lockdown because you have come back for the eastern states, we have some that try to get out and about on the streets that’s why we have security checking the house every hour of the day, if you want to flirt with it you can be fined up to $5000.00 and jail, my honest opinion good and so it should be even my harsher penalties to those that believe they should not do the right thing with society. The sad thing with all of this is we have to go to extremes to protect society because of a small majority just don’t get it or understand we are just trying to save lives off all ages and that to me makes unbelievable common sense.

Correct me if i’m wrong.. i have seen Victoria, Sydney, and Brisbane open everything up maybe a bit to early but this is brought into the political pressure and media making it harder by the way they do there stories to sell the news, in making this all happen the Virus is spreading quicker than i can put Vegemite on my toast, business have closed their doors for good as in ( Take away shops, Cafe’s, Clothing Stores, Etc Etc ) yes when it first started back in January because a certain Country on the globe didn’t have the decency with trying to cover it up and not being honest to the world, thousands have died thousands and thousands have contacted the virus with so many people suffering through losing their business or position of being in the workforce, with the follow up of financially it’s crippling them, and now we are going through the second wave with really sad consequences that follow.

Am i being selfish or just fucking rude when i say that we as the state of W.A keep the boaders closed and keep to the lockdowns, i don’t want to see any one and i mean anyone get sick or family friends lose any one through this virus, nor do i want to see any one lose there job or their businesses at all.

But i’m a dad and a grandfather and have a big family and many friends with so many associates i have met and kept friends throughout the years with work and sports, but more than anything i just don’t want to see anyone go through this cruelty and sadness this virus brings to society, what we need to understand that it will be around for many years to come and with this id say another one to follow in the future that can devastated the world again, but let’s just do what we can and need to do too keep our country and the world as safe as we can.. we see things and have enough shit going on through the life of our globe with so many things happening with war’s, sickness, greed, politics and just plain stupidity, now we are fighting a virus which we will be doing for many years to come and what comes with this sickness in life, lets just look after ourselves and the people around us with doing the right thing by society, be an outstanding human by helping and doing the right thing to help and save lives our in society, it’s pretty simple and one that can be done with just haven respect and great morals as a human, is being Pretty Simple.


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