A New Man..Love It

Yes it was stage 5 at the dentist on Wednesday and boy it was a very long 3 hours as the procedure went on, i had 9 teeth removed and a bone fragment cut back, i can say boy that hurt Hahaha .. after all that he whacked the dentures in straight away, i couldn’t tell how i looked because my head was as big as a ballon on full consumption of air Lol..

I don’t know it’s really not a hard one to say.. but i feel good as for one thing i have missed in life for the last 20 years is to smile and a nice one for once..We as humans are a funny lot in some ways over the last 20 years i excepted the fact that i needed work on my teeth but also excepted the fact i didn’t have the money to do so..

I also excepted the fact that no one queried me or asked and every one took me for me, i really never questioned it every now and then i’d say i need to do something about my teeth but then dollars would flick in front of me and it went out the door with in seconds Lol.

In one respect you would probably think what is this guy going on about, well it’s that thing of feeling good about yourself i can honestly say i do feel good about myself another small step in life iv’e taken and a good one at that..A smile goes a long way in life as simple as a SMILE.



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